street art


Pacific breeze and the warm touch of sun, palm trees, active seafront, and countless murals were the first things to see in the city of angels, Los Angeles. It was late November, on a Thursday morning, but to me, it looked like an endless summer resort. I started my short stay in Venice area, which now I realize was the best area I could pick: relatively close to the beach, nice to walk among small and nice houses, with a lot of plants in the yards.

One of the biggest street art “galleries”, a huge open-air collection of street art is in NYC Brooklyn, more specific the area known as Bushwick Collective. This area expanded a lot in recent years, and Brooklyn is the most representative neighborhood for this type of art in New York. You will notice many murals spread in Manhattan streets as well, but this is a sort of organized area where local or international artists paint, spray or decorate.

You fancy modern art? Then I don’t need to tell you that Barcelona is the city of great artists. Gaudi, Dali, Picasso and Miro worked here and you’ll be amazed to see their works even in public spaces.

A city-break in Barcelona is enough for a few inspiring visits in different quarters of the city. Nowadays you can sense the artsy style in many corners, on buildings architecture, public sculptures or on the streets walls.