We at Ticket To Nomadland are wanderlust travelers trapped into corporate offices. That’s why whenever Octavian, my boyfriend, sends me snapshots from his travels across the country I feel the urge to escape my laptop and join him.  A lot of the photos he sends are really great shots of Romanian scenery. I thought I’d share them with the world in an effort to convince you to come visit us here in Romania. (click on the photo for best view).  Sometimes I do get to see these great sights in our getaways. We go back to the places he pitches to me via chat. What I find on these road trips is that there is beauty on the roads of Romania, fun awkwardness in its cities (check out the huge nail in Sighetu Marmației!) and serenity on its beaches. That’s why I fall in love with these places in Romania,…

I had been planning a Malta getaway forever, it finally happened this year in July. My go-to advice: visit during the winter and don’t forget your phone charger!

Malta is a 316 sq km Instagram perfect archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies south of the island of Sicily, Italy, and has close ties with the United Kingdom, the French and, of course, Italy. It’s a must see for those who love beaches and clear blue waters, but also those who enjoy digging up history tidbits. But let’s start the trip at the airport.

France – Paris, Great Britain – London, Germany – Berlin. Ukraine – Kiev, Italy – Rome (fill in the blanks). Whenever we talk about visiting a country we associate it with its capital city. It’s easy, you probably can reach it by plane very fast and at low costs, it’s safe, it does not raise any major risks and is as comfortable as possible, with cosmopolitan capital cities hosting five-star hotels and international cuisine. And most of the times it’s very familiar. But is that what you came there for?