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Sabine is a mother and works in a hospital, she speaks Hungarian, German, English, and a little bit of Romanian. A couple of years ago she visited Copșa Mare and she fell in love. Her eyes sparkle even now, 4 years later, when she talks about that day. She fell in love with an XV century Transylvanian fortified church. Granted, the church is lovely, but you cannot take her out for a cup of coffee or talk romance. But take a look at the photos, isn’t she lovely? She went home with the hope she would just forget about it. But she couldn’t. She rambled weeks on end about the poor old church and how she’d love to see it renovated, she talked the ears off her husband until he finally said: if you want it that much, why don’t you just get to it? Start work on the church,…

We at Ticket To Nomadland are wanderlust travelers trapped into corporate offices. That’s why whenever Octavian, my boyfriend, sends me snapshots from his travels across the country I feel the urge to escape my laptop and join him.  A lot of the photos he sends are really great shots of Romanian scenery. I thought I’d share them with the world in an effort to convince you to come visit us here in Romania. (click on the photo for best view).  Sometimes I do get to see these great sights in our getaways. We go back to the places he pitches to me via chat. What I find on these road trips is that there is beauty on the roads of Romania, fun awkwardness in its cities (check out the huge nail in Sighetu Marmației!) and serenity on its beaches. That’s why I fall in love with these places in Romania,…

Note: This article is in no way sponsored by Airbnb, Booking or any of our hosts (past or future). The ideas expressed are solely our own based on our experiences.

Booking accommodation is not easy. I came up with a challenge for the team here at Ticket to Nomad Land: what’s the accommodation you’d book again? the one you liked most during your travels?  We looked for a mix of experience and good price and came up with our favorites.  Here we go.

Japan is known by some as the land of strange where cultural shocks abound. Techie geek culture, rental kimonos, awesome infrastructure, colorful neons, and silent temples. It is. But all of these only hit you when you get there. You can read manga, look at animes and listen to music. It’s not the same, you just need to be there, I’d say visit it at least once in your lifetime.

Ladies, summer weekends are born to be spent outside the city. I want all our fellow wanderlusts from Bucharest to discover the city surroundings, they hide bits and pieces of the country’s history and charming characters. I thought I’d walk the talk this year and show you what you can visit in less than a day. Mogoșoaia, the Green Park, Host of A Gorgeous Brâncovenescu Castle I always wanted to visit this green park just outside Bucharest. It’s chic, it has a lake and lots of great places to hide from the sun. The focus point is the castle, built in the Brâncovenesc style, also known as Wallachian Renaissance and Romanian Renaissance at the end of the 17th century. The style found its glory during a Romanian ruler named Constantin Brâncoveanu, known as a founding father for a lot of monasteries. It was rebuilt and taken care of by an intriguing woman…

Do you take selfies on your trips?  If you do, fret not, I won’t shame you for it. But we’ve all seen landmark locations flooded by tourists carrying selfie sticks reaching out for that perfect profile photo. My question to you is: is that all we want out of our trip, hunting for picture-perfect moments? I  have been often accused of selfiephobia (fear of the selfie). In December I came across this great article that speaks my mind on the selfie culture.  You can find it in Romanian on Tedoo, it speaks of how this culture has changed how we experience trips: looking at a camera pointed at ourselves. The excerpt that really caught my eye was the following (translated into English by yours truly): The modern traveller considers himself the centre of all action. His face, his opinions, his likes and dislikes along the road, his actions and, of course, his poses…

Group holidays can be really fun. Or mind-numbingly hard to plan and execute, especially if the travelers are worlds apart in terms of interests, with only but a few things in common.
After more than one holiday with 5 to 12 people involved, I am sketching a user’s guide for all friends out there planning a trip together. You might want to read this out loud when you get together with your friends and start planning a vacation together.

I had been planning a Malta getaway forever, it finally happened this year in July. My go-to advice: visit during the winter and don’t forget your phone charger!

Malta is a 316 sq km Instagram perfect archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies south of the island of Sicily, Italy, and has close ties with the United Kingdom, the French and, of course, Italy. It’s a must see for those who love beaches and clear blue waters, but also those who enjoy digging up history tidbits. But let’s start the trip at the airport.

France – Paris, Great Britain – London, Germany – Berlin. Ukraine – Kiev, Italy – Rome (fill in the blanks). Whenever we talk about visiting a country we associate it with its capital city. It’s easy, you probably can reach it by plane very fast and at low costs, it’s safe, it does not raise any major risks and is as comfortable as possible, with cosmopolitan capital cities hosting five-star hotels and international cuisine. And most of the times it’s very familiar. But is that what you came there for?

I live in Bucharest, Romania and I must admit that I did not really visit our neighbors. Shame on me, right? That’s why this year I wanted to begin paying courtesy visits. I started with a weekend getaway to Bulgaria during the last weekend of April (April 28th – May 1st) with Veliko and Nesebar. Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Moldova, you are next!