We at Ticket To Nomadland are wanderlust travelers trapped into corporate offices. That’s why whenever Octavian, my boyfriend, sends me snapshots from his travels across the country I feel the urge to escape my laptop and join him. 

A lot of the photos he sends are really great shots of Romanian scenery. I thought I’d share them with the world in an effort to convince you to come visit us here in Romania. (click on the photo for best view). 

Sometimes I do get to see these great sights in our getaways. We go back to the places he pitches to me via chat. What I find on these road trips is that there is beauty on the roads of Romania, fun awkwardness in its cities (check out the huge nail in Sighetu Marmației!) and serenity on its beaches. That’s why I fall in love with these places in Romania, places I challenge you to come visit; they are as raw and unedited as they look in these photos.

If you do decide to visit us, drop me an email and we’ll meet over coffee to tell you everything you need to know.

My first trip was to Greece and I fell in love with their yogurt. Then came Paris and I was hooked on art museums and local music. I like to travel with a plan, map out what I want to see at my destination. And then get lost wandering the streets. Let’s wander together, nomad!


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