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Booking accommodation is not easy. I came up with a challenge for the team here at Ticket to Nomad Land: what’s the accommodation you’d book again? the one you liked most during your travels?  We looked for a mix of experience and good price and came up with our favorites.  Here we go.

Adriana Coroiu in BrasovAdriana: Göreme Ascension Cave Suites in Cappadocia, Turkey

Cave apartments are typical to the region of Cappadocia. Turks in the region used to live like this, in the “fairy chimneys” that you’ll see everywhere. This is both cool and traditional. Don’t worry about heat or utilities, you’ll have everything there. Plus, the rooms were big enough and quite comfortable.
I loved the location, being just a few steps to the sunset point, so you have a good panorama view of the town and of the hot air balloons.

  • Price: 180 euro for a double room / 4 nights; 255 euro / 4 nights / apartament (with my genius discount on – reversation made for April/May)
  • Book here.

Oana:  Experience a traditional Japanese Inn in Nagatsugawa, Japan

This traditional inn was an exquisite experience, the best in my nomad land career.  It delivered more than just accommodation, it helped me experience a glimpse of traditional Japanese life: I got to wear a iukata (summer version of the traditional kimono) and corky socks, sleep on mattresses and drink green tea while seated at a ground level table. They get bonus points for the amazing 10 courses brightly colored meal and the relaxing hot tub we made use of after our meal – no photos of the bathtub, sorry!

  • Price: this was more on the expensive side, we got a small house for 4 people at 670 euro/night, this included accommodation, access to the hot tub, 2 meals, and transportation o the train station.
  • Book: Nagataki Traditional Inn, here.

Irina Visan

Irina: Watch the Skylight in Brixton, London

It wasn’t that close to tourist attractions, but it is overall my most favorite. I really loved the look of it. It was designed with such great taste, and not just the room but the whole house.

The kitchen (where we had access) was a dream! I also loved how spacious and intimate it felt. The bed was amazing too with a skylight right above it where I could watch planes coming and going in the morning. Loved it!


  • Price: 61 euro/night for a double room
  • Book: here.

Adriana Coroiu in Brasov

Adriana: Book accommodation In A Hut In The NewOld Village In Romania

This is a campsite in a quiet and green location, you can either set up your tent there or book one of the small huts available.

It’s a perfect location to disconnect from everyday noise: surrounded by nature, breathing pure air, no phone signal. Note that the huts cover only the basic needs, one large & comfortable bed, with a top window and a small space to leave your luggage. But don’t worry, you have electricity and heating, outside toilet with shower, an original bar & scene.

Insider tip #1: this is the location of a Romanian music festival called Vadu Chill Fest.

Insider tip no2: if you don’t find a place here, close by is another cool camp: Green Camp

Irina VisanIrina: The “Don’t judge a book by its cover” Hotel, Amsterdam

This hotel doesn’t look like much when you stand in front of it. Especially in the typical Dutch rain. But once you step inside you are welcomed by such comfortable rooms!

We found a very good offer at XO Blue Square hotel in Amsterdam and decided to seize it. Although not central, the location is not a problem since Amsterdam is a pretty small city. Plus there’s a tram station right in front of the hotel that takes you straight to the center.

But what I loved most were the comfortable, sunny rooms with great beds and a huge bathroom. The coffee machine in the room (with free coffee every morning) was also a cool feature that provided energy for the long walks. It was one of our best stays and I highly recommend it for both price and quality.

We made this list because we know that booking accommodation is one of the more important aspects of planning a trip, we believe (and hope) it helps. Let us know if you have any suggestions so we can add them to the list.


My first trip was to Greece and I fell in love with their yogurt. Then came Paris and I was hooked on art museums and local music. I like to travel with a plan, map out what I want to see at my destination. And then get lost wandering the streets. Let’s wander together, nomad!

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