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I am not sure if everyone here knows that we here at Ticket to Nomadland are not (sadly) just travel bloggers. Our day jobs are actually in the Digital Marketing field. And as such we are avid travel app users, each with her own preferences, of course.

And since the traveling season is nearing, we thought it would be the perfect time for this list. From photo apps to directions and recommendations in a new place, we have you covered. So let’s dig in and see what you must download before getting on the next plane.

1. Instagram

It’s not a travel app per se, but how could you travel without documenting your every step? For yourself and for the less lucky people daydreaming from the office. And with so many new features, Instagram is such a great tool for a travel blogger.

Instagram - The Travel Blogger's Favorite App
Instagram – The Travel Blogger’s Favorite App

Besides taking photos, editing and uploading them you can also set a location which makes so easy for your followers to save it for their future trips. You can also save stories in the highlights section. This will make each detail of your trip accessible to your followers and friends at any time. You can share hotels, restaurants, shops and so much more with just a few taps.

2. Google Maps or Waze

This app never lets us down. Whenever we’re in a new city and have a list of things we want to do, Google Maps helps us set the most time efficient routes with minimum effort. What I love most about it, is that we can also search restaurants, museums, and shops so you don’t need to know every street name or number.

Of course, there are other apps that do this, but this one comes with any Android phone so no need to actually download anything else.

Google Maps - It's never been easier to get from A to B
Google Maps – It’s never been easier to get from A to B

Waze is another good option, my only problem with it is that you get the map in the local language. And if that’s Greece or Bulgaria it means a different alphabet too.


3. Airbnb and Booking

We’ve put these two together since they’re both in the accommodation area. If you know you’ll change locations and don’t want to be tied down to a pre-booked hotel or room, these will come in handy.

Airbnb - Makes it easy to feel at home in any place
Airbnb – Makes it easy to feel at home in any place

Of course, they are just as useful when you are in the planning phase of your trips. Especially if you usually book your hotel from your daily commute.

4. Sky Scanner

Like Airbnb or Booking, Sky Scanner is a useful app pre-vacation. It makes so easy to look up for planes and customize your search depending on budget and preferences.

Sky Scanner - Not sure where to go? Let this app pick for you.
Sky Scanner – Not sure where to go? Let this app pick for you.

Our favorite feature? Being able to select “Everywhere” as a destination, if you are undecided. Then sort after price and find the cheapest deals in your area. It’s actually how Oana booked her trip to Milan, about which you’ll hear from her 🙂

5. TripAdvisor, Yelp or Foursquare

If you travel a bit you know by now that you must avoid tourist traps at all costs. And these apps will help you do just that. From finding the best attractions to ratings of eating and sleeping spots, you have to run everything by these apps.

TripAdvisor - Never get in a tourist trap again.
TripAdvisor – Never get in a tourist trap again.

I actually found the best eating spot in Thassos on TripAdvisor. And the Louweman Museum in Hague was also a TripAdvisor find that was so worth it. I also avoided some really shady hotels just by checking their reviews there.

6. Uber

If you’re not a fan of subways, trams or buses then Uber is your international transportation friend. Available in a lot of countries, it makes going from A to B a breeze. Plus you get a good idea of the cost before actually calling one, unlike getting into a cab.

Uber - The international app for finding a ride.
Uber – The international app for finding a ride.

7. WhatsApp

Before WhatsApp I had Viber but nowadays everyone is on WhatsApp. The idea is that you must have a cost-effective way of keeping in touch with everyone back home. Find the most popular chat app in your group and go with that.

WhatsApp – Cheaper than taking your parents with you.
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As most restaurants, museums, and hotels have free wi-fi it will save you quite a bit when making phone calls or sending photos.

8. Spotify, Deezer or iTunes

We didn’t have Spotify in Romania until recently. So anything similar works if you want to have a soundtrack for every scenario.

Spotify - A soundtrack for any scenario. Photo Source:
Spotify – A soundtrack for any scenario.
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We’re actually working on an article with just that: soundtracks for every trip you have in mind. Because you can’t wander through Paris without Joes Dassin’s Champs Elysees or through New York without Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York – right?

9. Shazam

And since we’re on this topic, has it ever happened to you to go to a beach bar or a cafe and hear a song you know you’ll want to listen again? It happens to me every time! And Shazam helped a lot so I don’t have to scramble my brains anymore for the lyrics.

Shazam - No longer stuck with a tune you can't find.
Shazam – No longer stuck with a tune you can’t find.

10. AccuWeather

How would we ever know what to pack without this app? I have no clue how our parents did it, but the first thing I check before even scheduling a trip is the weather.

AccuWeather - The official sponsor of packing your luggage.
AccuWeather – The official sponsor of packing your luggage.

With the possibility to view the weather for a few months ahead, this app gives you a good idea what to expect and what to pack for your next trip.

The list is however open, as there are so many options available. But you get the idea. Basically, you need to be able to get around fast and easy, find the best spots, keep in touch with people back home without ruining your budget and have a tune to go with everything.

It’s your turn now: let us know what are your favorite apps when you travel, in the comments section below. Go!


I love a sunny beach, the sound of the waves and the salty smell of the sea, but I also like to sink into the local culture of a city, get inspired by the street style, enjoy the food, explore the streets and admire the architecture. I usually travel on a budget, so I plan well in advance, which means I’ll have some tips and tricks to share with you along the way.


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