It was April when I saw the Alps for the first time, in Val Thorens, France. Also, it was the first time skiing or better say, learning the basics.

Never ever before had I put the boots on, so imagine I didn’t know how to ski, to snowplow or just to stay up with the ski on. I was pretty excited and in 4 days I was trying the red slopes. 

I could have taken beginner lessons in Romania, cause one may say “Why’d you need so many km and ski runs?”. But I don’t regret a second.

Val Thorens is the highest mountain resort in Europe, so snow is guaranteed from late November to late April. If you’re an expert over 600 km of linked piste slopes await for you in the entire ski domain, in Les 3 Vallees. Otherwise, you can stick with Val Thorens’ 150 km.

How to get to Val Thorens

Nearest airports are Chambéry, Geneva, Lyon. 

I had a flight through Geneva and then I took the train to France, to Moûtiers village. From here, shuttle buses run pretty often to Val Thorens resort. Quite a trip, a car from Geneva would have been more comfortable.

Moutiers, France
Moutiers, France

Ski pass and domain

  • Ski pass for a week (Val Thorens only) is 250 euro.
  • 150 km of runs: 8 black, 30 red, 29 blue, 11 green (the green code is for the easiest runs, you’ll probably find it only in France).
Gondola Ride
Should I stay or should I go up?

Accommodation in Val Thorens

We booked an apartment, more like a studio in the heart of the resort. In this area, you find a lot of hotels and apartments for groups. While not very fancy, the mountain cottage style and the people make it pretty enjoyable.

Val Thorens Resort from My Terrace
Val Thorens Resort from My Terrace

Resort tips

  • the resort is vivid and full of cheerful 20 plus skiers and snowboards
  • get in the mood for the party and enjoy the apres-ski at La Folie Douce
  • the spa centre is quite large and all you’ll need to relax your muscle; go there at least one time during your stay
  • carrefour market is perfect for a budget trip. 
Party at La folie douce
Party at La Folie douce

Why I love it?

I loved it for the fresh atmosphere. For those who can stay up on their feet later in the evenings, you have lots of parties and fun activities. Ok, I suppose I loved it also due to the fact that it was my first time skiing and my first time at this altitude – up to 3.000m!

I was there on April 20 and mostly all ski runs were open and in a good condition. The fact that you can ski so early or late in the season is a big plus. And don’t forget the prices are lower when the season ends.


I travel light and on a budget (I’m the deal finder!) and I hope to inspire you to wander the streets of unknown places or explore the natural wonders. Until now, I’ve been traveling mostly around Europe, from East to West and I`ve also got a touch of America. I enjoy outdoor activities: hiking, skiing, running and so on and I’m also passionate about music: I breathe happiness whenever I`m at a festival or I listen to good music.

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