Romania, the tiny East European Country, is known for its amazing nature and breathe-taking scenery. But did you know you could indulge in modern beauty & health therapies at these top Romanian Spa & Wellness Centers around the country?

A culture for mineral water therapy

The country’s therapy tradition dates back to the ancient Hippocratic epoch where bathing in mineral waters served as body cleansing and well-being, while treating a wide range of diseases.

Many of the settlements near mineral and thermal spring waters were built by the Romans during their occupation of the Dacian territories. They further developed thermal and mineral baths the Dacians already had known and used before.

In the XIXth and XXth centuries, the culture of bathing flourished. A series of scientific societies were founded which contributed to this process. Today, Romania has over 60 balneal resorts and SPA therapy is getting the spotlight not only from the medical field but also from wellness investors.

Let’s check out these top Romania SPAs that have been getting a lot of market attention.

1. A day at Therme Bucharest

Welcome to the biggest Spa & Wellness Centre in Europe. That’s right, Therme is a modern center located just outside Bucharest suitable for families and individuals alike. You can enjoy the water park, have a cocktail in the pool or explore the biggest botanic garden in Romania with over 800.000 plants.

The Palm Area is one of the main attractions for adults who just want to relax after a tough week. It has a great pool that extends to the outside so you can enjoy a hot bath even on a snowy day.

The Galaxy Area is where all the excitement is. Your kids will love the water slides and the wavey pool.


Elisyum is my personal favorite area. That’s where all the saunas and therapies are. You can enjoy special therapy programs for each sauna, from aroma mix sessions to scrub masks and peels for skin. You can also have a relaxing massage, I strongly recommend that.

The Sands of Therme and the Botanic Garden are the newest attraction of the center.

sands of therme

There are different eating areas, a restaurant in the Elisyum Area and a diner in the Galaxy Area.

How to get there: There is a free shuttle bus service that takes you directly there. It goes through the main bus stations from University, Romana and Victoriei Squares.

How much does it cost: from 55 RON, 12 EUR adult access to all zones / 3 hours (therapies, bar & restaurant services not included)

2. Tisa SPA Resort in Baile Olanesti

Baile Olanesti is one of Romania’s most famous balneal therapy resort. It has over 35 mineral springs and people all over the country have been coming here to treat different diseases.

Amongst all centres in the resort, Tisa Spa has opened recently and offers 3 floors of pools, jacuzzi, water slides, dry and steam saunas, hammam therapies, a salt room, bar and dinner as well as a host of beauty therapies.



The saunas are amazing and I was impressed with the therapy centre. Big and spacious, this is a beauty addcit’s private corner of pure delight. I had a couple massage as well as a facial and I was thrilled with the results. The therapists were young and proffesionall and always happy to help.

Tip: Bring a Romanian along, not many people in this area speak English.

Entry fee: From 30 RON (6.5 EUR) access fee

3. Ana Aslan Health SPA in Eforie Nord Resort

When you think Romanian Beauty the first thing that comes to mind is Ana Aslan. Proffesor and Doctor Ana Aslan is Romania’s legacy in beauty. In 1952 she developed the Gerovital H3 formula, thus leading the way in medicinal gerontology worldwide to become one of the most renowned and awarded Romanian researchers.

Practically, she’s the first Romanian to come up with an anti-aging formula that works. Her beauty brands like Farmec, Gerovital and AslaVital are found in almost every department store across the country. The Gerovial brand is also selling big worldwidel.

She left behind a research institute and now the legacy moves on with the country’s most known Spa & Health Hotels. Indulge in stress relieving therapies, relaxation rituals combined with the rejuvenation and body toning procedures, the  Black Sea Spa is also renowned for treatment and rehabilitation procedures.


How much does it cost: How much do you have? Check out the SPA menu.

Which Romanian Spa Center is on your list?


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