OK, so summer vacation has been a lot on my mind lately. And the first thing that comes to my mind is the beautiful island of Thassos. With its diverse beaches and crystal clear water, this gem of the Mediterranean is also known as the “emerald island” thanks to it lush pine forests. It’s simply the dream destination for our summer vacation!

And there’s no doubt of that considering this year it will be our 5th time there! I must admit that at first, I didn’t even consider it as a probable destination. It seemed too popular and commercial, what could it possibly have to offer? And that’s actually what everyone asks us every time we say we’re going back. Aren’t you bored? Why not visit other places, too… explore a little while you’re young? Isn’t Thassos more like a family/elders kind of spot? And the list goes on.

I could have never anticipated the deep connection and unexpected love I felt for this piece of land. Each summer they draw me back to Thassos. And this is how, after taking a break last year to visit Spain, my boyfriend and I felt the need to take the safe, known and beloved road to Thassos this year.

Why choose Thassos?

Everyone goes to Greece for the sea and the beaches, and Thassos has over 50 beaches to choose from. So here ‘s a list of our favorites, the main reason we keep coming back:

Marble Beach

Also known as Saliara, this is probably the most popular and beautiful beach in Thassos and all because of its deep turquoise color that resembles a tropical beach.There is a beach bar there where you can rent beach beds, umbrellas and also buy refreshments or a sandwich. You should also know that the road is not the best. That is why it’s a good idea to rent an ATV from Limenas or Golden Beach and improvise a 30 – 40 minutes safari to the beach.

Marble Beach, Thassos
Marble Beach, Thassos

Paradise Beach

This is my favorite beach by far because the water is crystal blue and so clear you can easily see your toes 🙂 Also because it has fine sand all the way in the water, it’s shallow and I’ve had the best mussels saganaki (tomato sauce and feta cheese) at the restaurant on the beach.

Also, this is the best spot to come if you like a wavy sea. Even on the sunniest, most clear-skyed of the days, at Paradise Beach there are always waves to play in. Some days they’re rougher than the others, but they are always a lot of fun!

Golden Beach

We stayed twice in this village and we loved how intimate it felt. The sea is clear, sandy and shallow and there’s a rock from which the brave (boyfriend included) take turns jumping into the sea. Last time we went, you would get 2 beach beds, an umbrella and a drink for 5 euros – neat!

Blue Bay Beach

I don’t actually think this beach has a name, but that’s how I call it after the only hotel you can see in the area, somewhere up on the cliffs. I think it’s actually one of the hidden gems of the island as it’s very little and looks kind of deserted but it’s the perfect spot for snorkeling (and skinny dipping 🙂 ). It’s not reachable by car, you have to drive up to a spot and then continue by foot, and you might want to keep your crocs on when swimming – thank you sea urchins!

Needless to say, there are no bars, beach beds, toilets or anything of the likes on this beach. So bring your own umbrella and lunch if you’d like to stay longer. Also, it’s good to know that this beach is close to Golden Beach, so worst case scenario you can go back there for shade and food.

Pefkari Beach

It’s perfect for snorkeling, that’s probably why they also have a scuba diving center here. You can also find one in Potos, but Pefkari is less crowded. It also doesn’t hurt that when you’re finished swimming you can grab a delicious lunch from one on of the many restaurants nearby.

Pefkari is also known as one of the most colorful seaside villages in Thassos, thanks to its’ vibrant vegetation, but also to the traditional buildings in gorgeous shades of blue.

Note: the photos below are not taken during a scuba dive session. My boyfriend took the photos while snorkeling around, so there’s a lot to see!

Aliki Beach

It’s a very small beach, so make sure you arrive early in order to grab a sunbed, or two. If you know you like to sleep in, or you are a larger group you can book the sunbeds a day in advance from one of the tavernas. The sea is beautiful, though rocky. However, the main attraction for me is the road that leads you up the cliffs, with a gorgeous view of the sea and that ends at an archaeological site.

Kekes Beach

Although it looks a bit like an alien beach, due to the fires that ravaged the island, this little corner of untouched nature is a dream.

There aren’t any sunbeds or umbrellas here, so you will have to bring your own. And then figure out how to prop them into the stones, as there are no sandy shores either. But it’s all worth it. Because this beach doesn’t get crowded, the water is perfect and the views are breathless. Plus you can have a delicious lunch at Skidia Tavern.

Trypiti Beach

This is a wide sandy beach, not very crowded and popular with families that stay at the hotel placed right on the beach. I wouldn’t mention this one if it wasn’t for a lagoon nearby. It’s not necessarily swim-able, but it looks pretty. You can also rent sunbeds here and eat really well.

Trypiti Thassos
Trypiti Lagoon

Livadi Beach

Livadi is a small beach, a good option if you want to avoid the crowded beaches. It’s not sandy, so bring your crocs with you as the shore is quite rocky and you risk injuring your feet getting into the water. There’s a small beach bar that serves sandwiches and drinks, but there’s no toilet in sight. I suppose the closest one is taking the car up back to the main road and finding the first restaurant, but that would be a while. Actually, when we were there last time and asked where the toilet is, the guy at the bar pointed laughing to the sea… so be prepared to take that way or the highway, literally!

Livadi Beach Thassos
Livadi Beach

What you can skip

Makryamos Bungalows

We didn’t stay there, but many seem excited about the ideal position and the 4 stars they promise. We visited someone there and rooms seemed very old, with paint peeling off the ceiling. The beach is also not the best I’ve seen on the island and it all seems isolated from the beautiful sights of Thassos.

Makryamos Bungalows Thassos
Makryamos private beach

Potos beach

It’s a great place to base your accommodation, but don’t bother to go to the beach. It’s so crowded and it really doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary. Rent a car (if you don’t have one) and explore the island.

Limenaria Beach

Same situation as in Potos, only the beach here is not necessarily crowded, but very small.

Limenaria Beach
Limenaria Beach


You will see mesmerizing photos of this natural pool, nestled on the rocky shores, but most of them are edited. The water is dirty and stinky, the rocks are crawling with some kind of bugs and it’s a long rocky walk to get there and back. Many who’ve been there liked it and will advise you it’s a “must-see”, but I wouldn’t hurry back.


This year (2017) we stayed in Kinira because we found a nice accomodation, that seemed close to the beach and wasn’t that expensive. Unfortunately, the beach that was 5 minutes away is actually very rocky, narrow and the sea was kind of smelly 🙂

Also, Kinira seems to be more like in between villages so there are little options in terms of supermarkets and restaurants as opposed to bigger villages such as Golden Beach or Potos.

What else?

If you liked this article, make sure to let us know, we will get back with:

  1. The best road to Thassos and how to plan it
  2. A food guide of the island
  3. What is there to see in Thassos on a rainy day…

Stay tuned!


I love a sunny beach, the sound of the waves and the salty smell of the sea, but I also like to sink into the local culture of a city, get inspired by the street style, enjoy the food, explore the streets and admire the architecture. I usually travel on a budget, so I plan well in advance, which means I’ll have some tips and tricks to share with you along the way.

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