My most vivid memories about Tel Aviv were the smell of the food, spices and striking different views in the streets. It is a contrast among noisy, busy markets and messy streets opposite to Bauhaus neighborhoods, promenade along the beachside and skyscrapers. In Tel Aviv, you will set eyes on beautiful architecture and modern museums and plenty of art galleries, but you will encounter the oriental on many corners.

My first hour in Israel was actually a true Tel Aviv tour by night. Although it sounds like a touristic route, it was only a wrong bus that led to this adventure. From the airport, we took the train, and immediately after I’ve left the train station I saw the local bus arriving. I desperately ran to catch it and my friends had to follow me closely. It didn’t cross my mind to check the destination once I stepped in the bus. We bought the tickets and then I realized our destination was the other way around!