Ladies, summer weekends are born to be spent outside the city. I want all our fellow wanderlusts from Bucharest to discover the city surroundings, they hide bits and pieces of the country’s history and charming characters. I thought I’d walk the talk this year and show you what you can visit in less than a day. Mogoșoaia, the Green Park, Host of A Gorgeous Brâncovenescu Castle I always wanted to visit this green park just outside Bucharest. It’s chic, it has a lake and lots of great places to hide from the sun. The focus point is the castle, built in the Brâncovenesc style, also known as Wallachian Renaissance and Romanian Renaissance at the end of the 17th century. The style found its glory during a Romanian ruler named Constantin Brâncoveanu, known as a founding father for a lot of monasteries. It was rebuilt and taken care of by an intriguing woman…