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Ladies, summer weekends are born to be spent outside the city. I want all our fellow wanderlusts from Bucharest to discover the city surroundings, they hide bits and pieces of the country’s history and charming characters. I thought I’d walk the talk this year and show you what you can visit in less than a day. Mogoșoaia, the Green Park, Host of A Gorgeous Brâncovenescu Castle I always wanted to visit this green park just outside Bucharest. It’s chic, it has a lake and lots of great places to hide from the sun. The focus point is the castle, built in the Brâncovenesc style, also known as Wallachian Renaissance and Romanian Renaissance at the end of the 17th century. The style found its glory during a Romanian ruler named Constantin Brâncoveanu, known as a founding father for a lot of monasteries. It was rebuilt and taken care of by an intriguing woman…

Do you take selfies on your trips?  If you do, fret not, I won’t shame you for it. But we’ve all seen landmark locations flooded by tourists carrying selfie sticks reaching out for that perfect profile photo. My question to you is: is that all we want out of our trip, hunting for picture-perfect moments? I  have been often accused of selfiephobia (fear of the selfie). In December I came across this great article that speaks my mind on the selfie culture.  You can find it in Romanian on Tedoo, it speaks of how this culture has changed how we experience trips: looking at a camera pointed at ourselves. The excerpt that really caught my eye was the following (translated into English by yours truly): The modern traveller considers himself the centre of all action. His face, his opinions, his likes and dislikes along the road, his actions and, of course, his poses…

Winter is coming, some may say, and I’m dreaming of white powder, high mountains, cool ski resorts, and large slopes.

I am not that winter fanatic as you may think. I’m not ashamed to admit, I don’t like winter and cold. I’d go for a sweltering day than a freezing cold winter. But the mountains landscape and the adrenaline rush you get on the slope it’s different. We have a few options for skiing in Romania, but in Europe, nothing compares to the Alps.

Warsaw, Poland is more than just a historic city. Second World War was harsh to them and the communist regime that came afterward is not an easy one to handle. Although scattered from the foundation, now Warsaw is a vivid and modern city. For a good background, check this documentary website. However, if you’re in Warsaw during summer time, go out of the Old Town and experience the usual city life. Polish people have a thing for deckchairs, ice-cream and beer, so my personal recommendation is to lie down and enjoy the life.

London is probably one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Even though one of the most expensive, and recently plagued by one too many terrorist attacks, it’s still a top destination. It might have to do with the historical touristic attractions, the culturally rich background or the hip vibe of “must-see” restaurants, cafes and markets. Whatever your interest, there’s lots to do and see in the UK capital.

If you like arts in any form or small historic cities, this one is for you. If you’d rather wander hours on narrow streets and cross tiny bridges over the canals in a constant curiosity, here you’ll feel more than fine. I’ll add that this is a city you’d probably fall in love with. This is Venice. First of all, I’m talking about a city in Italy and this says a lot. I don’t know what kind of spell is on that ground, but everything I’ve seen in Italy was picturesque. It’s in the romantic air, in the buildings’ architecture, the tasteful food, and that addictive Italian gelato! My personal history with Venice starts at a film festival, where I’ve seen the “Venice Syndrome” documentary. And it’s not only about the fact the city is really sinking. But it’s more about the phenomenon of depopulation, with more tourists than inhabitants.…