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Second time in the USA and I’m thinking what to do and see there, and of course, Grand Canyon National Park was in my mind all the time. I went to NJ and NY, and Grand Canyon seemed quite far. But I did my research and realized it’s not impossible. If there’s a will, there’s a way, they say.

When planning to visit Grand Canyon think seriously about driving or picking a tour, the time you have to spend there, your budget, your travel companions preferences and your “to see list”.

Last year has been amazing travel wise. It brought so many wonderful opportunities that we just couldn’t miss. And Switzerland was just one of those. My best friend from third grade got married (YAY!) and we couldn’t be more happy to witness the happy event. She’s always said I had to visit but there’s always been something else interfering. This time there was nothing that could stop me from going 🙂

Do you take selfies on your trips?  If you do, fret not, I won’t shame you for it. But we’ve all seen landmark locations flooded by tourists carrying selfie sticks reaching out for that perfect profile photo. My question to you is: is that all we want out of our trip, hunting for picture-perfect moments? I  have been often accused of selfiephobia (fear of the selfie). In December I came across this great article that speaks my mind on the selfie culture.  You can find it in Romanian on Tedoo, it speaks of how this culture has changed how we experience trips: looking at a camera pointed at ourselves. The excerpt that really caught my eye was the following (translated into English by yours truly): The modern traveller considers himself the centre of all action. His face, his opinions, his likes and dislikes along the road, his actions and, of course, his poses…

It’s the beginning of spring here and I’ve planned a weekend away from Bucharest, in the heart of the country, in Poiana Brasov, the mountain resort, and Brasov city. Brasov is a wonderful city in Transylvania, surrounded by the mountains with Saxon influences in art and cuisine. We spent most of the time outside, for sightseeing and hiking, so this kind of escape is suitable especially for nature lovers. How to get there: Brasov is just 170 km away – this means three hours by car from Bucharest (take route E60), in good traffic conditions and also about three hours by train. Tip:  Valea Prahovei is very beautiful, with inspiring mountain landscapes and hiking routes, historic castles and with a lot of tourists in the weekends. So I recommend taking the train to Brasov, during season it’s the best way to avoid traffic jams. The train stops also in other mountains…